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Revolver is a name that has been established within the Hi fi industry for many years. Initially it was associated with a successful range of turntables; now it has re-emerged as the brand name for a range of high quality, performance loudspeakers.

The main reason for the new models was to make the styling much more up to date.  But Revolver did also take the opportunity to, where possible, improve the performance.  Revolver continually look for ways to improve the sound of their speakers even while in production.


This acoustic improvement has been achieved by making the cabinets from High Density Chipboard and MDF. The wrap is now in Chipboard and the Back and Baffle are MDF. This small change gives less cabinet resonance than the cabinet made completely from just MDF. Revolver have also fitted M8 spikes to the bottom plinth, whereas the RW45 had M6 Spikes.

Another small change is the removal of any crossover components on the Bass/Midrange drive unit.  With the new styling the cosmetic Grilles now being fitted, Revolver have been able to remove the Tweeter metal Grille, thereby making the treble a little more open and detailed. The crossover wires have been upgraded to Chord 'Rumour' OFC Silver plated wire on the Bass drive units.

The Frequency response of all the new Music Series models has been extended to 38Khz. Although each change is quite small, altogether they have improved the sound as well as the looks of the speaker.

Revolver Music Series 5                               Revolver Music Series 5

This distinguished, powerful and versatile floorstander is the flagship model of the Music Series range. Equally at home with either music or movies as the sound source, the Music Series 5 delivers a dramatic, lifelike performance with a great authority and scale.

The seamless integration of the drive units, fine control, superb dynamic range and balanced, natural sound combine to give a consistency of performance over a wide range of programme types and at all volume levels.

A superb sense of location is obtained from the well formed stereo image, which has excellent focus and depth.  

Available in Maple, Dark Cherry or Gloss Black.
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  Read a review in Hi Fi World March 2008.
Revolver loudspeakers come with a 5-year non-transferable warranty from the date of purchase. 
Music 3 Standmount
H 389 x W 210 x D 278mm

Revolver Music 3 maple loudspeaker

The difference between the Music 3 and RW33 is similar to the Music 5.

Yes the cosmetics have changed, as has the cabinet construction to a mix of Chipboard and MDF.  The Tweeter metal grille has been removed, and the Midrange and Tweeter crossovers have been modified as the Music 5.

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Read a review in Hi Fi World Nov 2007

Music 1 Bookshelf   
H 335 x W 183 x D 230mm

Revolver Music 1 loudspeaker

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