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  The  Living Voice Auditorium  loudspeaker reproduces music with believable scale and dynamic contrast.  The vivid, engaging presentation captures the life and immediacy of the concert hall.  Complex, heavily figured passages are reproduced without the characteristic congestion of many of today's high end designs.  A large, coherent picture is painted with confidence and freedom whilst the fine low level resolution develops tonal shade and colour to the fullest and most natural extent.  

  Living Voice Audiotorum, Avatar, IBX-R2 maple  Living Voice Audiotorium, Avatar, IBX-R2 Cherry

As compact as the award-winning Auditorium, the  Living Voice Avatar   extends the original design concept.  This model utilises a substantial increase in technology.  We have used the finest hand built components, a vastly superior complement of drive units and a more sophisticated circuit topology.  The presentation has remarkable height and depth of field whilst tonal colours are full and natural.  
The Avatar has been created specifically for the discerning and critical listener.  Meticulous attention has been paid to each and every aspect of design and construction.  The result is outstanding musical pleasure.  
The  Living Voice IBX-R2  refines the design still further by introducing the Revelator tweeter
The  Living Voice OBX-R2  refines the design still further by introducing the external cross-overs which are built into substantial, separate enclosures to isolate the parts from  the magnetic fields associated with the drivers, and more importantly, it isolates them from the mechanical interference inevitable within the cabinets.
 Audiotorium II  Download    PDF     (201KB)
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 Audiotorium Avatar II  Download    PDF     (254KB)
 Audiotorium IBX-R2  Download    PDF     (256KB)
Audiotorium OBX-R2  Download    PDF     (215KB)
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Living Voice loudspeakers warrants it's products shall be free from defects and workmanship for:  4 years for the drive units' mechanical structure and associated electronics, and 5 years for the cabinets.