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Heco – tradition in loudspeakers since 1949

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Heco Direkt


Heco Ascada 2.0Heco Ascada 600 Tower

Ascada 2.0 & 600 Tower

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Elementa Series

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Heco is a brand name that represents a rich and long tradition in German speaker production. Ever since the day the company was founded more than 65 years ago, it has been committed to the philosophy of high quality music reproduction in the home environment. Heco has always seen itself as an innovative leader in the development of new concepts. As a pioneer of many widely accepted design innovations, such as dome tweeters and long throw rubber surrounds,  

Heco’s image was forged by several legendary loudspeaker designs. The Activ 2000K studio monitor, the first B 130 compact speaker and the physically commanding high-end speaker, Concerto Grosso each represent a milestone in loudspeaker engineering.

Heco Direkt

With HECO Direkt listeners can expect handmade, high-end, two-way speakers in a classic format. The latest development standards and technology, in combination with large bass-midrange chassis and high efficiency tweeters, result in an acoustic masterpiece, the likes of which will not be found anywhere else today.

Inspired by traditional roots, the engineers at Heco have created a modern 2-way loudspeaker in line with the latest development standards and with innovative technologies. The HECO Direkt combines the dynamics and bass power of a large floor-standing loudspeaker with the realistic, self-contained spatial and three-dimensional quality of a high-end two-way speaker. All of the individual components have been specially developed for this loudspeaker, trimmed to high efficiency and maximum low distortion with elaborate and time-consuming detailed precision work

An impressive bass is just one of the qualities of the 250 mm subwoofer with the Heco kraft paper diaphragm. Thanks to development using Klippel laser measurement technology, the chassis drive features optimum low distortion, delivering the highest sound precision right into the mid-tone ranges. To ensure this is also maintained in the deep bass range, two flow optimised, rounded reflex tubes on each side of the bottom of the enclosure provide for optimum acoustic coupling to the room. 

At 2,350 Hz, a 28 mm silk-compound cone with a particularly wide surround takes over. Thanks to a powerful double magnet system and efficiency-enhancing wave-control horn made of aluminium, it provides for excellent dynamics and is therefore the ideal partner for the particularly dynamic subwoofer. The result is a finely balanced soundscape of the highest precision. 

The crisp bass, the extremely clear and direct mid-tone range and the dynamically fine treble range are accompanied by outstanding dynamic capabilities. Efficiency, dynamics and tonal purity at this level can otherwise only be achieved with horn loudspeakers – however, the HECO Direkt delivers these qualities without the often aggressive aftertaste of the horns. Its particularly high efficiency and the impedance characteristics linearised via the impedance control circuit also make it suitable for tube and transistor amplifiers over 10 watts per channel. 

The sloping flat enclosure specially designed for the HECO Direkt not only provides for visual elegance, it also offers tangible acoustic advantages. The extra-wide baffle and the backward tilt optimise the dispersion characteristics and the acoustic phase of the chassis combination. The three-point mounting on sleek all-metal feet ensures optimum weight distribution in physical terms. Visually, the influence of iconic guitars from rock history on the Direkt is unmistakable.

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Ascada 2.0







Heco Ascada 2.0

Heco Ascada 600 Tower

Ascada 600 Tower

Fully active Bluetooth high-end stereo loudspeaker combinations

The Bluetooth loudspeaker market is largely dominated by very compact, inexpensive devices. The focus of these components is not necessarily on authentic and natural sound reproduction. Heco provides proof with the loudspeakers of the Ascada range that this can also be different. A real stereo setup, efficient components and high-quality DSP technology. Both the Ascada 2.0 shelf-top loudspeakers and the Ascada 600 Tower floor-standing speakers contain exclusive components and innovative technology for a highly flexible and, at the same time, audiophile stereo experience.

The components of the Ascada range are no simple Bluetooth loudspeakers. Here, traditional h-fi craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the most modern connection and transmission technologies. The fully active, high-quality HECO loudspeaker systems are equipped with high-performance stereo amplifiers – with a dedicated power amp in each loudspeaker of the Ascada 600 Tower model. Proven materials, such as kraft paper diaphragms, silk compound fabric cones with wavecontrol sound conductors made of aluminium and extremely sturdy enclosures guarantee maximum precision, level stability and an authentic stereo stage.

Audio signals can be transmitted to the Ascada devices in various ways. The most up-to-date Bluetooth version including aptX support is integrated for wireless sound enjoyment. This high-end audio standard guarantees wireless transmission of the signal up to CD quality. The option of the wireless audio connection between the floor-standing loudspeakers of the Ascada 600 Tower makes a completely wireless stereo setup possible, with only one power cable per speaker otherwise required. Digital signals can also be played back via optical and coaxial means. The highlight, however, is the possibility for the Ascada systems to be used as an external audio device on the PC via USB. The excellent D/A conversion of the Ascada components is superior to the internal conversion of a PC or notebook in all respects and guarantees top acoustic performance. An analogue input and a USB high-power charging output (up to 2.1 amps) for smartphones and tablets complete the range of features.

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Elementa logo

The Elementa series from Heco (which stems from "Elementum" – Latin for "element" and "base material") is focused on the basics and essentials, namely: High quality and powerful surround components with excellent technology, an extremely sturdy build quality and an elegant, yet timeless visual appearance. 

Innovative speaker chassis for maximum performance. 

The individual components in the Elementa series are largely configured with identical speaker chassis to realize a particularly homogeneous and balanced soundscape. In addition, the individual woofers, bass-midrange speakers and tweeters utilize innovative drivers that are of a particularly high quality. Long fiber cones with long-throw surrounds, which have been specifically optimized for low-distortion reproduction, are used to cater for the low and mid-range frequencies. The lightweight design enables an extremely high degree of precision to be achieved, as well as an excellent level of efficiency. 

The treble range is reproduced by all of the Elementa speakers via a 28 mm silk compound dome, which, thanks to its ferrofluid cooling and powerful double ferrite magnet system, exhibits a very high load capacity. The Wave Control geometry used for the aluminum front panel ensures perfect development of the high frequencies, as well as superior transparency and spatiality. 

In addition to the 300 mm woofer with its hardened paper cone, the Elementa Sub 3830A is also equipped with an additional 380 mm long-throw bass radiator. This allows the subwoofer to achieve a particularly broad sub-bass spectrum and develop a huge degree of force in the subsonic frequency range. The woofer and bass radiator operate according to the side-fire principle. 

Elegant and timeless.

The essentials are also in focus when it comes to the design of Heco´s Elementa series: The Elementa speaker components, all of which feature a sturdy, multi-braced MDF housing with rounded edges and a silk-matt lacquer finish, are provided with an extremely elegant appearance in a timeless, conventional design. The bass reflex configurations are provided with flow-optimized and screwed reflex ports, while the removable front grilles, which are covered with acoustic material, are inconspicuously secured in place via magnetic mounts. The exclusive look of the floorstanding speakers is rounded-off by aluminum cross members with solid metal cone spikes.

Heco Elementa 300

Heco Elementa 700

Elementa 302  Elementa 700
Principle 2 way bookshelf speaker, bass reflex 3 way floorstanding speaker, bass reflex
Drivers 1 x 28 mm tweeter, 1 x 170 mm woofer-midrange. 1 x 28mm tweeter, 1 x 170 mm midrange, 2 x 170 mm woofers.
Power handling 90 watts (RMS) 200 watts (RMS)
Impedance 4 - 8 ohms 4 - 8 ohms
Frequency Response 32 - 45,000 Hz 25 - 45,000 Hz
Crossover frequency 3,200 Hz 280 / 3,200 Hz
Sensitivity 90 dB 92 dB
Dimensions 368 / 226 / 307mm (h / w / d) 1135 / 310 / 370mm (h / w / d)
Finishes Black or White Satin Black or White Satin
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